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Brewing items

Brewing items

There are several items to brew tea.
Standard type of Japanese tea and Traditional Maccha.

Items for sencha


Kyu-su: Japanese traditional teapot.
There are different size, color, design and different material... and so on.
Usually, every Kyu-su has a stainless strainer in it.
Larger size may be called "Dobin" instead.

Let me introduce some of kyu-su here.
Tokoname-Yaki: They have usually red-brown color. Made at Tokoname-city, Aichi-Pref.
Banko-Yaki: Mostly they come in dark gray color. Made at Yokkaichi-city, Mie-Pref.

Yunomi: Cups which smaller than standard tea cups.
It's not common to see big mugs here in Japan, especially in old days.


Chadutsu: a small container to store tea leaf.
They are made out of metal and have well sealed lids. Some lids are plastic or vinil seal inside. In old days, it was made out of wood.
Also comes in different size, design and different material... and so

Items for maccha

Maccha chawan: traditional cup for maccha.
A traditional cup. Expensive ones are hand made and come with an autograph by famous master of Japanese tea ceremony on woodden box.
Raku-chawan, Hagi-chawan, Karatsu-chawan... there are so many different kind of cups.


Chasen: a special whisk to stir and make maccha foam.
It's made out of bamboo. Sometimes a fresh green chasen is used for New Year ceremony.
In our store, we have 3 types of Chasen.
There are the one with 80spikes, 100spikes, and 120spikes. It's easier to make foam with more spikes.

Chashaku: a special spoon to scope maccha into a cup.


It's made out of bamboo. Sometimes a fresh green banboo chasen is used for New Year ceremony.
Chashaku is also a nature of art. Some of them use unique bamboo joints and colors to express their originalities.

Chaki: a special containa for maccha powder.
Common ones are called Natsume, and are made out of wood and lacquer coated. Some of them are a crockery or a kind of chinaware.
These are cllaed Natsume in the picture, and are made of plastic.
There are cirtain sizes and shape, but the design and colors are the art and their originality.

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