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How about Iced Green Tea with [Fuji-no-Sato]?
I would like to introduce how to make iced green tea easily.
Set it after dinner and you may enjoy iced green tea with breakfast or even taking it to your work.
Set it after when you wake up in the morning, and enjoy it at dinner time!

What you need...
1 tea bag of Fuji-no-Sato.
1L(34oz) of iced water in a bottle.

1. 1L(34oz) of iced water in a bottle.
2. Let Fuji-no-Sato tea bag into the bottle.
3. Put the bottle in a refrigerator for 12 hours.
4. Shake the bottle well after 12 hours.

Enjoy iced green tea!

note: I used 1L(34oz) of water, however you can make green tea upto 1.5L(51oz) with 1 tea bag.

2013-08-22 (木) 11:50:01


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