Japanese Green Tea, healthy, natural, and for your beauty...

Not only drink!?

Not only drink!?

Did you know that?

Japanese green tea is NOT ONLY for drinking.

- You can use Tea for cocking!
- You can use Maccha power for sweets!
- You can use whole leaf in sponge cakes or scones!

I would like to intriducing recipe using japanese tea.

Recipe No.1

A bowl of cold rice with some goodies in tea.

What you need...
A bowl of rice, Umeboshi(a solty plum), a cup of any japanese tea(recommending Hojicha)
A bowl of rice and a cup of tea can be cold in summer time.
You can use tsukudani(shellfish or really small fish, seawead cooked in sweetened soy sauce) instead of Umeboshi.
Sprinkle some dried laver on top before you eat.
How to make...
Set Umeboshi or Tsukudani on top of rice, pour tea from on top on it.
Sprinkle some dried laver on top before you eat.
How simple is that!

Looks like rice in soup.

In Japan, almost every house got at least some kind of Umeboshi or Tsukudani somewhere. So that's why this Ochaduke is quick, easy and right taste for everyone at anytime.
In old days, this Ochaduke is the best for hung over treatment.

Recipe No.2

Summer sweets. A bowl of powdered ice with sweets and maccha powder.

What you need...

A bowl of powdered ice(Use an ice slicer to make it. however an ice slicer may be hard to find outside of Japan.)
20ml of sirup(syrup)(if not, you can boil down sugar water)
A scoop of sweet cooked red beans.
A table spoon of maccha powder.

How to serve...
Serve powdered ice into a glass bowl. a cereal bowl is good too.
put a scoop of red beans into powdered ice and pour sweet sirup(syrup) on top.
The last thing is to sprinkle maccha powder.

Enjoy the Maccha-capped Ice Mountain!
do not rush in to prevent a sudden headache!

And more recipes coming...

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